About VirtaMove

About VirtaMove

At VirtaMove we’re re-inventing and automating how customers manage Windows Server application migration and modernization. Leveraging virtual containers, we discovered a new way to make applications portable and reinstallable on modern servers and VMs. In the process we also invented innovative monitoring software that “learns” your applications in real time and builds migration templates. Our story, however, isn’t about VirtaMove – it’s about how customers use our Migration Intelligence Suite to achieve progress and savings in their modernization efforts.


Customers use VirtaMove’s subscription-based software products and services to automate the migration of applications from old servers to new Windows operating systems and VMs.

VirtaMove brings simplicity and savings to Windows Server modernization. Our software products:

  • assess and monitor applications so you can discover application use, dependencies, and build migration templates
  • migrate applications to new servers or VMs in the cloud or on in-house datacenters

VirtaMove is a fast, flexible way to move server applications, without code change or install scripts. Our software products create virtual application copies rather than server or machine images. The software encapsulates a copy of an application and its dependencies in a temporary container, to allow for testing. Once an application is tested, the temporary container can be removed or dissolved and the application is freshly installed on the new operating system.

Teams are overloaded with new systems development work, so it rarely makes sense to tie them up on the repetitive tasks needed to migrate legacy apps. VirtaMove offers an automated solution. Our innovative Migration Intelligence improves productivity and saves time and money. Hundreds of customers have moved thousands of legacy applications to new servers with VirtaMove.

VirtaMove customers are leaders in Banking, Pharma, Insurance, Heavy Industry, and Retail. The company holds multiple container and virtualization patents with more pending. Helping customers achieve success in modernizing and migrating Windows Server applications is our passion. We build software that works to make your job easier.

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“We have several legacy applications that cannot be upgraded as is and still living on Window 2003 servers. We had to find an immediate solution to keep these applications compliant for support purposes. VirtaMove was the only solution we could find. They have been quick to help us as we work through each application.”

Tammy Key – Manager, Production Operations Support
American Cancer Society