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Transforming how the world modernizes Windows Servers apps

We help your organization move forward, backed by more than 5 years experience moving legacy Windows Server applications for hundreds of leading clients. VirtaMove software automates the stateful re-installation of Windows 2000, WS2003, and WS2008 applications on new OS instances and servers running WS2016 and WS2019 in production environments. Our software saves over 80% of the time and over 70% of the cost compared to traditional manual migration or app re-development efforts. Extend the life of your legacy applications and modernize your IT infrastructure, even in the days of COVID-19. Our automated software is perfect for remote work, so now is the perfect time to move forward.

Our mission

VirtaMove’s Mission is to statefully move and modernize the world’s legacy applications to make organizations more successful and secure. Our software works, and it works in scale.

Our simple success metric

We count successful, completed moves of legacy applications to modern, secure, supported Windows Server operating systems. Both on customers’ new in-house servers or in the cloud. We count successful moves every day, every week and every month, all year.

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Leading companies rely on VirtaMove to modernize legacy Windows Server applications and systems

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Why VirtaMove?

For many organizations, running legacy Windows Server applications on old servers has become a critical issue.

Malware exposures exist on unsupported platforms like WS2003, such as Wanna Cry and Not Petya. Similar risks are also a concern on WS2008, which reached end of support in January 2020.

Organizations lack the budget required for complete system remediation and re-development. They are looking for a solution that will extend the life of their critical Windows Server applications.  Many want to take the first step to modernize apps by moving them, along with all of their configurations, to modern WS2012, WS2016, or WS2019 servers, in-house or on modern cloud environments. VirtaMove’s Migration Intelligence Suite has done exactly this for hundreds of customers.

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