Home » FAQs » How does VirtaMove compare to virtualization products?

While VirtaMove virtualizes applications through the migration process, it is not a standalone virtualization platform.

OS copy tools do not migrate existing production applications to a new OS platform. Instead, they make copies of entire servers or virtual machines (VMs) with identical OS characteristics. What’s missing is the ability to take only required applications to a new OS platform. Additionally, there is no way to separate outdated software, event logs, dirty file systems, embedded malware, and all the other baggage that accompanies enterprise applications over time.

VirtaMove provides the ability to move unmodified server applications from older operating systems (such as WS2000 or WS2003) to newer OS versions (WS2008 or WS2012) on new machines. It automatically detects, separates, and migrates applications from the underlying operating system by packaging nearly all types of Windows Server applications in portable containers.