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Management Team

The VirtaMove management team is led by innovative and exerienced DevOps executives.

About VirtaMoveNigel W. Stokes, Co-Founder & CEO

Nigel Stokes is VirtaMove’s CEO. He is an experienced software entrepreneur, team builder, and leader. During his career, he has successfully founded and scaled a range of DevOps companies.

Previously Nigel was co-founder and CEO of DataMirror, a real-time data integration company. Decades later DataMirror software is still widely used to replicate data across diverse production environments, including IBM Z, AS/400/iSeries, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MQ. Under his leadership, DataMirror grew quickly and it was publicly listed for more than ten years.  IBM’s Information Management division acquired DataMirror in 2007.

“The fundamental app containerization, movement, and modernization problems VirtaMove’s great team is solving are challenging and exciting. The payoffs for customer DevOPs we prove daily are incredible. VirtaMove is the Best First Move in app modernization. Great apps last for decades. Our software extends the useful life of legacy apps. It will be used widely to move and modernize workloads for New Microsoft and Linux Servers, VMs and to the cloud for many years.  We are well ahead of the curve. Why? Because, it’s what we do. VirtaMove creates a great customer experience. The mission is to build sophisticated, practical, software that makes computer operations more successful and secure.”

Josh Pearson, VP Sales and Marketing

Joshua Pearson is VP of Sales Canada & US at VirtaMove. He brings 20 years of regional and worldwide Sales experience to his position, with many of his past accounts being with highly successful companies such as IBM, DataMirror, and OpenText. Joshua is no stranger to building a growing and sustainable business. Partnering with peers, channels and clients, he has developed strong relationships in a number of industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Public Sector, and Telco. He thrives in challenging situations that require creative problem solving, communication skills, and relationship building.

About VirtaMoveMark Woodward, VP Development

As VirtaMove’s VP of Development, Mark Woodward drives product strategies and ensures product delivery. He focuses on building a strong team and culture centered on the product vision. Mark is a principal designer and holds patents on VirtaMove’s migration technology. He has been instrumental in developing critical components underpinning VirtaMove’s application virtualization technology.

Educated in England, Mark has over 30 years of experience in the high-tech sector. He has deep experience working with embedded devices, OS kernel, and communication development for groundbreaking companies like Newbridge and Alcatel. Pushing technological boundaries has always been part of his life.

Dan Moshkovich, VP Marketing

Dan Moshkovich brings with him over 15 years in data-driven digital marketing experience and scaling marketing teams in startups. Prior to joining VirtaMove, Dan was the Marketing Director at HubStor and helped drive its marketing efforts until the company was acquired by Veritas Technologies.  Prior to HubStor, Dan worked as the Marketing Director for Riskified, one of the world’s leading eCommerce fraud prevention companies.  During his time at Riskified, Dan was responsible for all inbound growth channels and helped Riskified grow from a small 20 person startup to a $1B+ valuation with over 400 employees.

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Board of Directors

The VirtaMove Board of Directors collectively guides the strategic direction of the company.

About VirtaMoveNigel W. Stokes, Board Member

Nigel Stokes is the CEO of VirtaMove. Nigel is an experienced software entrepreneur and venture investor. More details are listed on the Management page.

About VirtaMoveJoseph Alsop, Board Member

Joseph Alsop has more than 30 years of experience in technology.

As CEO and co-founder of Progress Software Corporation (Nasdaq: PRGS), a supplier of e-business application development, deployment, integration, and management products, Joseph led Progress Software Corporation to a position as a recognized global software industry leader with over $500 million in annual revenue.

Joseph graduated from MIT with a BSEE degree and is currently investing in and working with companies in Massachusetts, applying information technology in various areas.

Scott Munro, Board Member

The future holds global scale opportunities.

My own personal exit story: I have been fortunate to have had two exits where I was the founder or CEO. I do this work because my passion is sharing my experiences with younger entrepreneurs so that hopefully, I can help them optimize their objectives.

The one essential thing founders should know about venture capital is to treat the capital as if it was your own money. Be open and communicative with your investors and always build confidence in your forecast by under-committing and over-performing. The right VC provides a lot more than money, so get to know your investors and solicit their help and guidance.

Scott was also the founder of PageMill Partners, a successful Silicon Valley investment banking firm.

Greg Dee, Board Member

Greg Dee has more than 25 years of industry experience. Greg has a proven track record of success working with emerging technology companies to make them market leaders in their respective industries.

Greg is President of HubHead, a leader in software for asset-intensive industries. Before joining HubHead, Greg was Vice-President and General Counsel at NexJ Systems, where he grew the company from 30 to 250 employees, which was one of the most successful IPOs of a Canadian software company in the past decade.

Before that, Greg served as General Counsel of DataMirror Corporation, which IBM acquired in 2007. Earlier in his career, Greg served as a lawyer and patent agent, and as a software developer for several early-stage technology ventures.

Greg holds a Law Degree (LLB) from the University of Toronto and earned a BASc in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Randy Taylor – Corporate Secretary & Counsel

Randy Taylor is a co-founding partner of LaBarge Weinstein LLP, a business law firm. Randy’s practice focuses on corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and technology-related transactions for clients ranging from emerging and public technology companies, venture capital investors and investment banks.

Randy is a 1993 graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School and a 1987 graduate of Harvard University (Economics).

Prior to co-founding LaBarge Weinstein LLP with Paul LaBarge, Debbie Weinstein, and Lawrence Weinstein, Randy was a member of the Ottawa office of Blake, Cassels & Graydon, where he practiced in the Business Law Group.

About VirtaMoveDom DeMarco and Alex Seaver
Board Observers and Senior Advisors

Alex Seaver is a Co-Founder of Stadium Capital Management, LLC and a Managing Partner, and Dom DeMarco is also a Managing Partner at Stadium. Both Alex and Dom are experienced and respected long term, value-based technology investors. As Board observers and private investors in VirtaMove, they provide wise guidance and comment on the direction of the company.

Both Alex and Dom are Stanford MBAs and ask the tough questions that every successful startup needs.

VirtaMove is fortunate to have such highly experienced Directors.

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