Migration Intelligence products

Automated Windows Server modernization

Windows OS modernization is an ongoing challenge, year after year. Instead of assigning your skilled team to repetitive migration tasks, you can subscribe to a set of intelligent software tools. VirtaMove will drive momentum and optimize the use of resources and budget on your Windows Server modernization projects.


V-Maestro orchestrates and manages V-Monitor and V-Migrate agents for automatic Windows Server application discovery, sizing, and migration.
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V-Monitor automatically discovers and monitors the applications running on your current Windows servers.
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V-Migrate automatically migrates apps to new Windows Server operating systems and servers. No old source or install scripts? No problem.
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How do I subscribe to VirtaMove Migration Intelligence products?

An annual subscription to VirtaMove Migration Intelligence products is based the number of servers you need to license. A Migration Intelligence subscription will help:

  • Assess and monitor current servers
  • Migrate applications
  • Maintain applications post migration

It’s best to start with automated assessment and monitoring of your servers. Monitoring provides critical usage information so you can prioritize work and build migration templates. Reporting will show you which servers are rarely used and should be decommissioned, and will greenlight which applications are ready to move using V-Migrate.

Post migration, you can decide to maintain selected applications in the migration container, for distribution, isolation, or recovery purposes. Alternatively, you can remove the temporary migration container and complete a fresh install of the legacy application on your new server or VM.

Your organization can also sign up for VirtaMove professional services. We’ll help train internal resources, monitor your servers and provide migration assistance to ensure success.


Subscription examples:

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