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Achieve Effective and Optimized Application Migration to the Cloud or on Premise

VirtaMove’s V-Maestro is where smart migrations start and finish, whatever the destination. Discover your best migration candidates to unlock high yields on your migration investments. Get the facts on migration requirements to avoid technical roadblocks at the gate and complications during and after migrations. Avoid project delays and sidestep spiralling costs while migration projects are underway. 

Make the best strategy and plan for your migrations using deep data from V-Maestro reports. Orchestrate migrations with reporting and modern dashboards that offer data depth, layering, and flexibility, as well as single click functionality and remote functions. V-Maestro puts you in control of all your migrations, at all stages and for all destinations. 

“VirtaMove allowed for a simplified and efficient migration of Windows Server 2003 to a modern operating system environment. VirtaMove’s magic allowed us to reduce the upgrade burden of our application teams allowing them to focus on other projects while our infrastructure teams concentrated on reducing tech debt, increasing security, and maintaining manageability of our systems.”

Michael Jude

Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Alaska Airlines

Get the Facts on Migration Candidates, Upfront 

Plan your way to migration success with sophisticated V-Maestro reports. 

Real-time application usage

Understand actual application usage and plan migrations based on business needs and not assumptions or best guesses.

Server Profiles

Uncover how many applications a server is running, discovered databases, server dependencies, certificates found, the number and degree of security vulnerabilities discovered, and more.

Application Resources

Determine the storage, memory, and CPU each application is using on a specific server.  Better plan requirements and capacity for destination servers, to avoid under or overprovisioning.

Cloud OPEX Estimates

Get annual estimated costs for computing, storage, application services, and the total annual cost of a migration. 

Migration Difficulty Score

Understand the estimated complexity associated with moving specific applications.

Destination Requirements

Determine requirements for destination servers, as well as environmental requirements, to avoid migration roadblocks, wait states, and technical pitfalls during or after a migration. 

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How VirtaMove Helps You Make Strategic Moves

VirtaMove is the only migration solution that provides a detailed server and application report. Get deep insights into your legacy systems and make informed, strategic migration decisions. Leverage next-generation, proven migration technology that eliminates the need for inefficient lift-and-shift and manual migration approaches. Using automation and proprietary artificial intelligence technology, we’ve helped hundreds of customers move thousands of legacy applications, strategically, quickly, and cost effectively.

Why Choose VirtaMove Migration?

VirtaMove’s patented software captures applications in Virtual Machine-free and operating system-free moving containers. This means that VirtaMove technology can move even the most complex server applications to modern, supported operating systems in any environment and any cloud. Containers preserve application state and provide portability and flexibility, which mean agility and no cloud lock in.

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