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automated application discovery


Move forward with V-Maestro. Part of our Migration Intelligence Suite, V-Maestro orchestrates

automated application discovery and monitoring as well as migration agents, via a modern GUI.

1. Start Monitoring

With V-Maestro you can publish V-Monitor agents to production or test servers to dynamically discover applications and build migration templates. V-Maestro collects monitoring information and builds a graphical cluster analysis of applications and servers on your network, giving you immediate and complete visibility of the servers and the apps they’re running across your network.

Select only the apps you’re interested in and select a target server or servers for the apps. Let monitoring run on selected apps for a few days to unlock the data you need for smart moves.

automated application discovery
automated application discovery

2. View Monitoring Reports

Monitoring reports show you when all application components and dependencies have been discovered across your network, so you can be sure that your application will perform properly on a new server. This also decreases the testing required post migration.

Monitoring reports also show resource usage in percent. Servers applications that are rarely or never used should ideally be decommissioned, while other applications may reveal themselves as ideal and priority candidates for automated migration to a new server, perhaps to the cloud as determined by usage information. Monitoring reports also show the footprint of your app, so you can plan capacity wisely.

3. Greenlit App: Migrate

When V-Maestro has fully learned the application and a complete migration template is ready, the app is greenlit for migration. A green check mark will show you that the application is ready to move. V-Maestro will then automate the movement of the app from the old server to the new server.

Legacy application migration at your fingertips.

automated application discovery

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