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Welcome to Your 1-Minute Migration Self Assessment

Answer the following questions to see whether your legacy app and your organization are well suited to VirtaMove automated migration. You'll get your result right away. You can take the self assessment any number of times if you have several apps in mind.

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1. Why are you thinking of moving your application?
2. Have you tried to move your app by hand in the past?
3. Choose options that describe your concerns about moving your app:
4. Do any of the following features apply to your app?
5. Which OS version does your app currently run on?
6. How many servers do you need to move?
7. Where do you want to move to?
8. What is your target OS (the OS version you will move to)?
9. Are your organization's IT Operations currently outsourced?
10. How would you rate your organization's ability to make operational IT changes quickly and easily?
11. How would you rate your organization's technical skills with Windows Server?
12. Which of the following best represents the state of your organization's current Windows Server environment?
13. What does your migration timeline look like?
14. Do you think automated application discovery and monitoring would be useful for your IT Operations?
15. Enter your location to make sure you are in our service area:

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