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VirtaMove can provide Professional Services for your Windows application monitoring and migration to ensure success at each stage of your migration project.

Stage 1


V-Maestro can be configured to run in your environment to orchestrate the monitoring and migration of your applications.

  • With its graphical user interface, you get visual insight on your network servers and all the apps they’re running, so you can modernize the smart way.
  • Discover and then choose which servers to include in monitoring, then drill down and select which apps you want to monitor.

Stage 2


With your V-Monitor subscription, VirtaMove can help your organization create a smart application migration plan. VirtaMove can:

  • detect which applications are running on which Windows server
  • determine which applications are used and how frequently
  • size applications and greenlight them for migration
  • build a migration template

Stage 3


Once you’ve run V-Monitor, have a migration template, and are ready to migrate applications, VirtaMove can provide migration expertise and assistance. For example, VirtaMove can:

  • create a migration plan that includes capacity planning and availability, and prioritizes which applications to move first
  • perform full service migrations
  • provide migration coaching and training for in-house or third-party Windows modernization teams

Post migration, VirtaMove and trusted Partners can offer the following services:

  • application remediation
  • in place application upgrade
  • vulnerability analysis, including addressing cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability, Active Directory security
  • software multitenancy for Cloud computing

VirtaMove professional services offerings

VirtaMove professional services are available as follows:

  • Standard Professional Services – for assistance within normal working hours, from 8 am to 5 pm (US EST).
  • Premium Professional Services – for assistance outside normal working hours, which may be required for example to accommodate maintenance or migration windows scheduled for off hours.

VirtaMove Professional Services are delivered as required, according to your service terms:

  • via phone and email
  • via the VirtaMove Support Portal
  • in person

Call and find out how VirtaMove’s Professional Services can ensure the success of your application migration project. Schedule a call

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