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How do I move forward with VirtaMove?

The main reasons why IT organizations fail to move legacy applications to modern, fast, secure Windows servers is that doing so takes too long, costs too much, and requires too much internal resourcing. At VirtaMove, we’ve developed software to overcome those hurdles.

How you subscribe to VirtaMove depends on your organization’s needs. Your flexible Migration Intelligence subscription is priced on an annual basis, per source server (as many target servers as you want).

Your subscription may include any or all of the following, as determined by your needs:

  • V-Monitor if you want to monitor current source servers for the purposes of application discovery and analysis before migration
  • V-Migrate for automated movement of selected legacy Windows Server applications to new, modern target servers in the destination of your choice
  • V-Maestro to orchestrate monitoring and migration via a GUI
  • maintenance of applications post migration

Call or email us to find out how we can tailor your VirtaMove subscription to your organization.

How Much Does It Cost?

Stateful re-install using VirtaMove V-Migrate:

2 servers per week – Single license price starting at $6,000/source server migration (licence costs reduce with volume).

Alternative, traditional migration methods:

Hand migration and new install of the same application stack on a modern server:
2-3 months per server – More than $30,000/source server migration.

Application stack re-development, remediation, and re-licensing:
More than 6 months per server – More than $100,000/source server plus maintenance fees.

*Cost estimates in USD, as at Jan. 2019.

Using automated migration software to move applications from legacy Windows Servers will save over 80% of the time and over 70% of the cost* compared to traditional manual migration or app re-development efforts.

Cost estimates are provided based on real-world experience using VirtaMove on major customer projects in banking, telecom, and pharma. Costs are per source server and depend on the volume of licenses needed and the professional services required during phases of a migration.

The bottom line is that VirtaMove Intelligence Suite can make your legacy apps a thing of the past. Enjoy all the advantages of a new, modern server and a modern OS, plus advanced tools in the destination of your choice – at less than 30% of the cost per server migration compared to other options.

Maintenance Post Migration

Post migration, you can decide to maintain selected applications in their virtual migration container. There are benefits to adopting this strategy, associated with distribution, isolation, or recovery.

An annual maintenance fee will be added to your annual subscription. Call or email us to learn more about why running migrated apps in virtual containers may be useful to your organization and what your annual subscription cost may look like.

Small Volume Proof of Concept

Your organization can purchase a Small Volume Proof of Concept. This is typically an application migration POC that involves 3-5 servers.

Complete and send the form below to order your Small Volume POC. A VirtaMove Sales Rep will contact you.

Have questions about this option? Call or email us.

Professional Services

Your organization can sign up for VirtaMove Professional Services. We’ll help you implement monitoring across your servers, train internal resources or service vendors, and provide technical migration assistance to ensure success.

How you use and allocate services is up to you.

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