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Using VirtaMove to Close Security Holes

VirtaMove can help you close security holes. If you’re running apps on old Windows systems, you need to do the following to address known security issues with unsupported operating systems:

  • Upgrade hardware and operating systems. Invest in hardware and software
    rather than spend more on cyber security tools.
  • Buy new servers to close known hardware exposures like Meltdown and
  • Move software apps from old OSs like W2K, WS2003, and WS2008 to
    modern, secure WS2012, WS2016, and WS2019 systems to eliminate WannaCry and
    other malware exposures.
  • Use VirtaMove’s automated migration to move apps to a new server and OS,
    in a fraction of the time required for manual reinstallation and reconfiguration.
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