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move workloads to the cloud

Using VirtaMove to move Workloads to the Cloud

Use VirtaMove to move workloads to the cloud. The benefits of using VirtaMove to migrate workloads to the cloud include:

  • A standard cloud OS (on AWS, Azure, or GCP), which can be preconfigured and
    managed with orchestration tools
  • Monitoring app usage to discover dependencies, build migration templates,
    green light and size resources
  • Easy reconfiguration of apps on-the- fly, to change server names, IP addresses,
    users and permissions, so apps run seamlessly
  • Closing security exposures and upgrading stack components such as web servers
    or databases
  • Consolidating workload from many source servers to a single VM, or splitting
    workload to multiple cloud VMs
  • Savings on storage, bandwidth, and processing costs
  • Avoiding cloud lock-in
  • Easy testing before cut-over

VirtaMove tools make cloud onboarding of apps easy.

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