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Using VirtaMove and V-Monitor for Application Discovery

Application discovery and monitoring with V-Monitor lets you track:

  • applications that are being used on specific servers
  • the users who are using the applications, and when they’re using them
  • which functions or features of an application are used and how they’re being used
  • the data flows that are occurring between applications on different servers
  • dependencies between applications running on different servers

Application discovery with V-Monitor means that you get visibility into apps that are no longer being used, so you can decommission them with confidence. Discovery also shows which apps are in high demand and may need a server upgrade, and which apps might be candidates to move to the Cloud. Decommissioning, upgrading, and moving intelligently get you optimized performance, the right footprint, and big strides on your path to business agility.

V-Monitor helps size applications and discovers how much memory, storage, and processing will be needed if you plan to move apps to new VMs or servers. When it’s time to move applications to new servers (both to the Cloud or in house), intelligent app discovery will show you all the dependencies and stack components that need to move too. These factors will help your IT team plan accurately and effectively.

Detailed app discovery and monitoring with V-Monitor is the first step in any plan to modernize a datacenter and your app stacks. It makes the entire process of modernizing and moving applications much simpler and much smarter.

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