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Using VirtaMove to prevent Petya and WannaCry exploits

VirtaMove can help you prevent Petya and WannaCry ransomware cyberattacks. In 2016 and 2017, Petya and WannaCry ransomware spread like wildfire across the world, locking hundreds of thousands of computers and hitting big businesses and organizations from hospitals to shipping companies to government departments. WannaCry and GoldenEye are enabled by the Windows vulnerability EternalBlue, or [...]

Using VirtaMove and V-Monitor for Application Discovery

Application discovery and monitoring with V-Monitor lets you track: applications that are being used on specific servers the users who are using the applications, and when they’re using them which functions or features of an application are used and how they’re being used the data flows that are occurring between applications on different servers dependencies [...]

Using VirtaMove to Move to your Virtual Datacenter

Most datacenter moves are now virtual rather than physical. They involve shifting servers and business applications via communication networks to a duplicate image of computer equipment, which is physically hosted at the new datacenter or on virtual hosted servers. While a virtual move has many advantages, recreating a mirrored virtual datacenter that duplicates current datacenter [...]

Using VirtaMove to build an Agile Datacenter

What does agility mean when it comes to datacenters? The agile datacenter is built in small incremental steps with regular feedback from customers. It’s fast and easy to manage, responsive to new requirements and changing user demand. Workloads move easily and scale to meet changes in cyclical demand. The agile datacenter changes at the speed [...]

Using VirtaMove to Modernize Branch Networks

At VirtaMove, we believe in a branch evolution rather than branch revolution. VirtaMove lends itself well to using an evolutionary approach to modernize branch networks. This approach involves extending the useful life of existing systems by moving legacy branch apps to new, modern, and secure servers. Branch evolution offers substantial payoffs for customers. Banks can [...]

Using VirtaMove to gain Migration Intelligence

Migration Intelligence is key to solving the problem of moving workloads in scale. What do we mean by Migration Intelligence? At the simplest level, MI means: Be smart about what you move and how you move it.  The first step in MI is to use smart, automated application discovery and monitoring on servers to dynamically discover [...]

Using VirtaMove to Solve Datacenter Management Problems

For years, customers have been taking advantage of VirtaMove containers to solve a range of business challenges in the datacenter management sphere. 1. Isolate applications In industries like Insurance, Healthcare, Pharma, and Banking, customers must verify compliance to rigorous, auditable standards. Once an app is certified, making changes requires a time consuming and expensive recertification [...]

Using VirtaMove to Solve P2V Replication Problems

A short list of P2V replication problems include: Excessive bandwidth use Excessive and ongoing consumption of cloud resources (especially storage) Legacy OS instances, which mean security exposures and the need for ongoing management Inability to perform workload consolidation or re-allocation Significant target server reconfiguration and therefore challenges with cutting over Why use a P2V tool [...]

Using VirtaMove to Automate App Migration

VirtaMove can help you automate app migration. Migrating and modernizing Microsoft Windows Server applications is a daunting task for IT. During the last 15 years, physical and virtual server platforms have exploded in diversity. Most DevOps teams struggle to manage a mix of Windows applications running on W2K, WS2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016 OS servers. […]

Using VirtaMove to upgrade IIS and SQL Server Applications

VirtaMove can migrate and upgrade Microsoft IIS and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. In addition to migrating web sites, application pools, and .NET Frameworks, VirtaMove can perform an in-place upgrade to a newer version of IIS during the migration. VirtaMove can upgrade IIS 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, and 8.0 to 8.5, which is the latest version [...]

Using VirtaMove to help address GDPR requirements

VirtaMove can help you address GDPR requirements. To comply with GDPR rules, you need an up to date list of software apps. Often, run books are out of date, install scripts are missing, some apps are no longer used but have not been uninstalled, and new apps are added over time. VirtaMove’s app monitoring can [...]

Using VirtaMove for a fresh install of legacy apps on new servers

VirtaMove can help you perform a fresh install of legacy apps. There are many benefits of a fresh app install on new servers and a new OS: It closes known security exposures on old W2K and WS2003 servers. It eliminates WannaCry, NotPetya, and Vault 7 malware risks. New servers close Spectre and Meltdown security holes. [...]

Using VirtaMove as a DevOps tool

Use VirtaMove as a DevOps tool to monitor production servers or VMs. Figure out what apps you need and be smart about how you move workloads. Monitoring helps you prioritize key resources as well size VMs to an average resource load. 1 Virtualize and run only what you need Instead of cloning entire machine images, [...]

Using VirtaMove to Extend Legacy Applications

VirtaMove can help you extend legacy applications by running old apps on new servers. There are five tangible benefits to running old apps on new servers: A new OS closes known security exposures and also addresses the compliance concerns of depending on an unsupported OS New servers improve system performance and let users do more [...]