Why VirtaMove

The VirtaMove migration solution

VirtaMove software and solutions help customers
automatically migrate Windows applications to new OS, on new inhouse servers or clouds.

VirtaMove provides productivity gains and optimizes the use of your resources and budget.
We migrate applications from old to new Windows Server operating systems in hours instead of days and months.

Everyday, VirtaMove helps customers from a range of industries automate and complete
modernization projects.

Call us to understand how automated Windows migration can help you get work done and
save time and money.

Key benefits of the VirtaMove solution

Save time & money

Automate the discovery, assessment, monitoring, and migration of applications on a Windows server to cut migration effort from months to hours.

Reduce risk, cost, & fees

Free your organization from unsupported operating systems and the burden of security risks, compliance expenses, and CSA costs.

Deploy & distribute quickly

Containerize virtualized applications and onboard to the cloud quickly. You can also choose to runs apps in VirtaMove containers if you require portability and isolation from other apps and the OS.

Our customers say it best

“Application owners have highly customized applications that are no longer supported by the original ISV and sitting on out of warranty hardware in EOL 2003 Win Server Operating Systems. VirtaMove gives them an opportunity, the only option, to resolve 2 out of 3 of these compliance issues without completely changing their applications; the VirtaMove tool is awesome.”

Amit Kapoor – Windows Support at GAP-HCL

“We have several legacy applications that cannot be upgraded as is and still living on Window 2003 servers. We had to find an immediate solution to keep these applications compliant for support purposes. VirtaMove was the only solution we could find. They have been quick to help us as we work through each application.”

Tammy Key – Manager, Production Operations Support
American Cancer Society

“VirtaMove facilitates fast, efficient migration of our Windows production applications onto our new environment, and we are very pleased with the results.”

Robert Mattie – Director of Hosting Solutions at GSK

“We were able to migrate a legacy Microsoft app from the PBC datacenter to the cloud, in under an hour… it would have taken 1 to 2 weeks without VirtaMove.”

David McCluskey – President of Cloud-Migrators, PBR Systems Integrator

“Dilignet introduced us to VirtaMove and we utilised the tool to migrate complex applications without engaging app vendors to perform the migration, resulting in considerable cost savings. VirtaMove has provided a key advantage for us. For those programs requiring a specific configuration, the only way to successfully migrate those was by using VirtaMove.”

Anil Kalra – Project Manager at Cochlear

why VirtaMove
There's an easier way to move your apps

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