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Move legacy Windows Server & Linux apps

to modern operating systems & servers 

The Challenge

Your business depends on a legacy system. Legacy is not compliant, unsupported, risky, inefficient. How do you move forward, when the experts who built the legacy system are gone and you don’t have the time, budget, or technical expertise to overhaul your legacy system? If you have hundreds of servers running legacy apps, the scale of the problem is overwhelming. You can’t afford the business disruption that goes with fixing the issue, so the problem persists year after year.

How do you move forward in a way that’s practical and cost effective, and deals with the problem at scale?
How do you buy time for a structured redevelopment project that will bridge the gap to modern, secure, and efficient?
Can you squeeze more life out of your legacy system to get your business to a better place now?

Key Benefits of the VirtaMove Solution

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