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Press Release: VirtaMove partners with AWS and launches SaaS product in AWS Marketplace

App Modernization

Today's business environment demands a high performing, agile, and secure digital infrastructure. You need the ability and flexibility to move apps to new servers and new places, without incurring downtime, huge expense, or cloud lock in. If you have hundreds of servers, however, modernization can seem like a lofty goal. How do you move your business forward in an achievable and cost effective way?
VirtaMove helps you modernize your apps and IT infrastructure. VirtaMove's subscription-based software moves server applications to new cloud or datacenter servers, whenever you need, in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional app modernization methods. We'll help you get your business-critical apps to the platform you need to enhance your apps, get better performance, and close security exposures.

Key Benefits of the VirtaMove Solution

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Modernizing IT

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