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automated up-level application migration

Containers Are Not a Windows Server Migration Panacea

Why Containerization Alone Won’t Solve the Problem of Running Legacy Applications on Modern Windows Servers When it comes to moving... read more

end of extended support

January 14, 2020: The End of Extended Support for WS2008. What to Do About it?

As a heads up to those running older Windows Servers, Extended Support for WS2008 will come to an end... read more

How to Run Legacy Windows Server Applications in WS2016 Containers

Over the last decade, we’ve seen more than one hype cycle around software containers. Clearly, both Docker Swarms and... read more

Virtamove supports application movement to clouds

VirtaMove Announces Native Support for the “Big Three” Clouds Azure, AWS and GCP

VirtaMove is pleased to announce that its Application Migration automation technology supports workload migration to the “Big Three” clouds:... read more

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