Move Forward

Modernize your servers while saving time and money

More than 5 years experience in container-based, automated Windows Server application migration.
Hundreds of customers and thousands of legacy applications moved.

New Press Release: VirtaMove V-Migrate Now Supports WS2019 and Windows Container Migrations. Read More

The Challenge

Nobody wants to run business critical apps on old, unsupported WS2000, WS2003, or WS2008 machines with performance and security issues.

However, it takes too long, costs too much, and requires too many skilled resources to move legacy apps. At VirtaMove, we use Migration Intelligence to overcome these hurdles. 

Now you can easily get a stateful re-install of legacy apps (without install scripts or source code) on modern WS2012, WS2016, and WS2019 Servers.

Key Benefits of the VirtaMove Solution

Save Time & Effort

Re-installing applications takes months to plan, execute, and test. You might not know which applications are running on which servers, whether apps are being used or not, or even have original install media. Our automated Windows Server application migration tool lets you discover all your apps and servers immediately, select only the apps you want to move to minimize your footprint, capture all application dependencies in a container, and modernize in hours versus months.

Close Security Issues

Data breaches and ransomware incidents hurt your brand and your bottom line. Malware hacks rely on well known and exploited security exposures in WS2003 and WS2008. If you’re running applications on old Windows systems, move your software application stacks to modern, secure WS2012, WS2016, and WS2019 systems to eliminate malware exposures. Our automated Windows Server application migration tool can help you get to modern and secure in a fraction of the time, cost, and effort.

Defer Re-Development

Get great returns now from moving old applications to new, faster, secure servers and new OSs. Defer costs associated with re-developing, remediating, or re-platforming an application by extending its useful life with our automated Windows Server application migration tool. Buy time to properly plan and implement re-development over time as needed, and perform full re-development later. You’re not forced into application re-development just because you want to run on modern servers.

Evolve Your App

Moving an old app to a new OS and a new, faster server extends its useful life. It provides an evolutionary path forward for the application, without committing big IT budget on re-development and licensing. Running older applications on a fresh, greenfield OS instance means you don’t have to track complex patch levels on legacy OS instances. It means you can take advantage of cutting edge DevOps tools to monitor and manage the modern OS in the cloud, and easily scale to meet demand.

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VirtaMove V-Migrate Now Supports WS2019 and Windows Container Migrations

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