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Stateful Re-Install

How Do You Modernize Stateful Apps?

App modernization is a great notion, its heart being the goal of a better future. Vendors offer several different approaches to modernization. Some suggest re-architecting an app’s system infrastructure, internal architecture, and functionality. Others advocate for leveraging containers, Kubernetes, [...]


Healthcare and Pharma Industries See a Surge in Cyber Attacks during the Pandemic

Now is the time to ensure secure IT operationsCOVID-19 cases have been reaching new highs around the world, and unfortunately, cyber attacks have risen as well throughout the pandemic. The healthcare and pharma industries are particularly vulnerable to attacks. According [...]


Welcome to 2021

Well, That Was an Experience!There’s a wise saying: “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.” Many children learn this unwrapping Christmas presents and many adults learned this difficult lesson in 2020. Nonetheless, a new [...]