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Shift to the Future: OpenShift 4.4 and Legacy Apps

For some time VirtaMove has been urging enterprises to address their legacy application deficit and shift their Windows and Linux app stacks to new, faster, more secure servers. Now, with the surging interest in containers and container technology, the [...]

Application Modernization

Application Modernization: Moving Legacy Apps to a Modern OS is the Best First Move

The Best First Move for Application Modernization Lots of talk these days about Application Modernization from big vendors like Microsoft and IBM. When large vendors talk about App Modernization, they’re usually talking about the process of re-architecting a legacy app’s [...]

love your legacy apps again

It’s Time to Fall in Love with Legacy Apps All Over Again

Complacency set in. You’ve been joined at the hip for years and have a dependency. But you’ve ignored them. Forgotten them. Now, you hardly know them. There’s a gap, a knowledge gap. It’s time to re-establish a relationship and [...]

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