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The Windows Server Application Life Cycle

The Windows Server Application Life Cycle: Why Moving Legacy Apps to a Modern OS May Be Your Best First Move

For decades, internal software development teams have been successfully building Windows Server apps. Regardless of the tools or methodologies used (whether agile, joint, lean, extreme, or waterfall), software builds take years to build and refine. They can also involve [...]


A Fresh Re-Install of Legacy Windows Server Applications on Modern Servers Brings Opportunities

Re-installing legacy apps on modern servers is your best first move At VirtaMove, we know that legacy apps are a challenge for many customers. Corporate amnesia regarding legacy systems is widespread. Usually, original developers have left, install scripts and source [...]

100 days, Final Countdown, WS2008

The Final Countdown for WS2008! 100 Days, 99, …

By the time this blog is published, there will be fewer than 100 working days before the end of Extended Support for WS2008 on January 14, 2020. Wow, time flies. Are you still running WS2008 in production? If you’re [...]

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