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End of Support at a Glance and What to Do About it

All applications and operating systems eventually reach end of support. Aging infrastructure raises continual performance, security, and maintenance issues in IT. Server and app modernization need to be addressed, not just once but regularly. Take a look at our End [...]


Neglected IT Operations in Pharma Invite Cyber Attacks

The pharma industry often neglects IT operations, which are at the heart of cybersecurity processes. PharmaIQ found that serious shortcomings exist in pharma due to “security holes…from backdated operating systems” as well as “inadequate software updates and patches.” Such [...]

Containerize a legacy app

Should I Containerize a Legacy App?

All applications need to evolve and move forward. Many legacy applications can be containerized. The question is, should you containerize a legacy app? Where does it make sense and where doesn’t it provide the path forward for your old [...]