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A Smarter, More Effective Way to Migrate Windows Server and Linux Applications.

VirtaMove’s Migration Intelligence Suite dynamically discovers your application state and uses that data to do a stateful re-install of your applications on a modern, secure destination server.

Application Discovery
Migration Strategy
Application Repackaging and Migration
Application Refactoring and Modernization
Data Center Consolidation
Cloud Onboarding

V-Maestro: A Dashboard To Control Every Move

V-Maestro orchestrates and manages V-Migrate agents for automatic application discovery, sizing, and migration.

Successful migrations involve complete insight.

With V-Maestro, you get an intuitive dashboard that lets you see all your applications so you can migrate them efficiently.

  • Discover your inventory
  • Monitor your server and applications
  • Plan your migration strategy
  • Custom reports
  • Manage Migrations

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V-Migrate: How Intelligence Drives Successful Migrations

V-Migrate captures your application state and automatically migrates it to a modern, secure operating system instance.

Make smart moves

V-Migrate automatically moves apps to new operating systems and servers.

With V-Migrate, you can move your applications to modern operating systems and new servers without committing to a huge, costly redevelopment project.

Dramatically shorten migration timelines, without interfering with your day-to-day operations.

  • Capture and preserve production state
  • Move only business critical applications
  • Source code or install scripts not required

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Make the Right Move.

How VirtaMove manages every migration.

Your systems are complicated. Your apps are interconnected. Your business needs are to-the-minute. That’s why migrations can’t be about guesswork. They need to be driven by intelligence.

Migration Intelligence is an adaptive, machine-learning solution that takes into account every resource, every dependency, and every connection.

retire legacy servers

Once applications have been migrated, put those legacy servers to rest permanently.

close security gaps

Eliminate potential security risks associated with legacy operating systems.

Zero negative impact on production

Informed migration decisions means there’s no impact beyond the targeted application.

No business disruptions

End-users won’t even know a migration is happening.

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